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Introducing Salesforce Health cloud

Salesforce is launching a health care platform / service (Salesforce Health Cloud)

Not an EMR but a CRM and interface platform that connects to EMR providers.

Salesforce independent software vendors (ISVs) MuleSoft, and Optum, and systems integrators (SIs)Accenture, Deloitte, PwC, and Persistent, support the solution by providing data and other technical integration solutions with leading medical IT systems, such as Epic, Cerner, GE Healthcare, and others.


1. Complete Patient View

2. Smarter Patient Management

3. Connected Patient Engagement


The Affordable Care Act and outcome-based reimbursement policies create mandates and incentives for providers, payers, medical device and pharmaceutical companies to focus more on patient care and satisfaction. At the same time, patient expectations for information, interaction and access have risen dramatically

To succeed, the industry needs to evolve from a focus on medical records management to a focus on patient relationships. This is the clear path to improving patient satisfaction, delivering high-quality patient care, controlling avoidable costs and improving outcomes. Yet providers today are burdened by legacy systems and are challenged to make the shift to healthcare that is 1-to-1, smart and connected to patient needs. Salesforce Health Cloud uses the power of the cloud, social and mobile technologies to create an environment that enables everyone from admins to patients to specialists to get the information they need at any time and on any device. Curious what the platform is really capable of? This e-book explores the three core advantages of the new Salesforce Health Cloud: • Complete patient view • Smarter patient management • Connected patient engagement

Salesforce Health Cloud – Giving healthcare providers the ability to go beyond health records and build stronger relationships with patients.

“78% of patients are unsatisfied with the U.S. healthcare system.” -Deloitte Survey of U.S. Health Consumers, 2012

“63% of millennials would be interested in proactively providing their health data from wearables to their doctors, so they can monitor their well-being.” -Salesforce “State of the Connected Patient” Report, 2015

“71% of millennials expect to use mobile apps to manage their healthcare, yet most healthcare systems aren’t equipped to provide this option.” -Salesforce “State of the Connected Patient” Report, 2015

To learn more visit Salesforce at HIMSS 2016 in Las Vegas

CES that you might have overlooked

Sling TV brings welcome changes to menu system

Sling is completely overhauling its user interface, bringing it closer to what a user of Netflix or another top-end streaming service might expect today. Judging from what we saw in a hands-on demo, the new interface is a big improvement.

Sling TV, the live TV streaming service that provides 20 channels for $20

It’s all about the experience and interface.


The first smart lighter and app to help you quit smoking.
Think of it more as a scale – measuring how much you smoke by the number of times you light up. It then tracks and measures your smoking behavior in an app that lets you see any patterns so you can set a goal to stop or cut back.

Withings Thermo, is a Wi-Fi connected temporal thermometer (on the side of the head) that gives accurate, fast and non-invasive temperature readings. It’s loaded with 16 infrared sensors that find and measure your infrared signature
and heat being emitted from your temporal artery.

Under Armour reveals ‘HealthBox’ 24/7 activity monitor

The HealthBox is a kit that includes a chest strap that monitors heart rate, a wristband and a circular scale.

The fitness wristband has a unique design that makes it comfortable to wear all day, even while sleeping. The touchscreen is also discreet and surprisingly responsive and accurate.

The circular scale is a sleek looking device. You have the option to sync the scale to corresponding apps so that it remembers who you are each time you step on it. The scale can also measure body fat percentage and keep track of weight loss goals.

HealthBox will retail for $400 and is available for preorder now and will be available starting January 22.

Philips strengthens collaboration with Amazon Web Services to expand digital health solutions in the cloud

AWS IoT enriches Philips HealthSuite digital platform with greater Internet of Things capabilities

HealthSuite Digital Platform on AWS allows for the ramp up from the currently seven million connected devices to the connecting of hundreds of millions of devices and sensors

New Balance announces Android Wear smartwatch for running smartphone-free

New Balance has announced that it will be among the first to release an Android-powered smartwatch that doesn’t require you to bring your phone along.

Garmin brings google glass like technology to cyclists.

The Varia Vision is similar to Google Glass. It’s a small wearable computer that clips right onto a pair of sunglasses. A small color display hangs over the right eye and shows performance data and turn-by-turn directions from a compatible Garmin Edge bike computer.

Lenovo’s Yoga 900S sacrifices nothing to be thinner than the MacBook Recognizably different from the competition, the Yoga 900 is unbelievably thin and elegant. From the 360° watchband hinge to the eye catching color options, this 2-in-1 will turn heads. Packed with the latest Intel processing power and customizable features of Windows 10, your Yoga 900 will be your constant companion.

Qualcomm on Smart connections

Snapdragon 820, the "most advanced SOC in the world”

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 602A is coming to Audi’s latest fleet,

"Today, Audi Connect is recognized as the leading connected car technology." Truly radical words from an Audi executive.

Also Qualcomm’s CIO – Norm Fjeldheim just left for Illumina

CES 2016 things you might miss… Hidden with the big players

Just thought I would update you all on, some interesting new tech from Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas

There are some interesting things on show so far and we are only 18+ hours in to it.

Thin TV’s and OLED is quite big LG showing off 2 mm thick TV, Samsung announce Smart things home automation integration and new range of Super Ultra HD SUHD TV range.

But with all this there are also the mid and smaller players and some innovation and cool tech that we might really see be major mass market very soon.

Smart Point-of-Care Mobile Solutions

The Patient Touch system is a smart point-of-care mobile solution that orchestrates people, data, and processes in real-time. The Patient Touch system handles all point-of-care workflow and collaboration needs on a single, smartphone-based device.

Barcode medication administration

Specimen collection

Infant care

Care interventions

Clinical communications


Mapwize allows users to instantly visualize the interior of any building, position themselves in certain locations, discover their surroundings and get directions. Besides helping in everyday activities, the app can also save lives in the case of an emergency.

Emfit Corp.

Emfit QS is the first entirely contact-free and all-automatic sleep monitor with heart rate variability measurement. We created it to solve the problem of tracking sleep quality, recovery and stress levels with minimum effort. It measures HRV throughout the whole night, giving insight to the efficiency and progress of recovery. Emfit QS is especially valuable for athletes, enabling them to see their recovery level and nervous system balance, thus helping them to choose optimal training intensity every day and avoid overtraining.

Sleep quantity is essential, but quality is also crucial: enough REM sleep for the recovery of the mind and DEEP sleep for the recovery of the body. Emfit QS measures total amount and structure of sleep. It also measures heart rate, respiration rate and activity all night long. Results of training or lifestyle changes can be studied with the long-term trends feature. Emfit QS enables one to identify habits that affect sleep and improve them.

GreenWaves Technologies

We are the first company to connect objects at 1Mb/s over miles, for years on a battery, at a low cost. We enable rich IoT services based on image, sound and motion sensors.

GreenWaves Technologies is a fabless semiconductor startup that develops a high data rate air interface for IoT Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs). The company will sell a low complexity integrated circuit that works together with standard OFDM transceivers in unlicensed and licensed RF bands. Its proprietary GreenOFDM technology solves the well-known high-power consumption problem of OFDM while retaining all its benefits: superior spectral efficiency, resilience in challenging radio channels and low complexity.

We complement and augment Low Power Wide Area Network pioneer solutions. The company has a working demonstrator. It will raise a series A round in the first half of 2016 and will have samples at the end of 2016.

In&motion provides smart protection systems in fields like sports, drones and industry. The company has released the first smart ski airbag vest. The In&motion smart ski airbag, a revolutionary embedded protection solution.

In the form of a vest worn under a ski suit, the In&motion airbag system detects an unavoidable fall and inflates in less than 100 milliseconds in order to protect the most sensitive areas before the impact with the ground.

The intelligence of the system is contained in the In&box (a box placed in the back of the vest), an array of technologies, the veritable “brain” of the airbag. It includes the sensors and the algorithm. The latter can detect an unrecoverable imbalance and anticipate an impact.

Approved by the International Ski federation (FIS), the airbag is now worn by ski cross racers for the 2015-16 season. It will be available in stores for the 2016-17 season.

In&motion smart ski airbag vest has been named as a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree.


RightEye LLC is a health technology company that uses eye tracking to revolutionize vision performance and patient care, improving how you see, how you feel and how you perform. RightEye began shipping its first vision test in October 2015. RightEye Neuro Vision is a first of its kind, 15-second concussion detection tool. At CES 2016, RightEye will be unveiling RightEye Essential Vision, a two-minute, comprehensive vision test that is expected to one day replace standard vision screenings used around the world. Come visit us at CES 2016 in booth #73944 and see what the future of vision care looks like.

Lastly if you are really interested in something different check out the new electric racing car concept from stealth startup (not so stealth startup anymore) Faraday Future 1000 HP electric car concept

First Impressions Count then in IT

As many people say “A first impression counts” in any person to person dealings. People can decide if they are going to get on with someone in the first seconds of a meeting or interacting with each other. (CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, SACRAMENTO, n.d.)

When people meet or interact it can create an event in which each of us uses our prehistoric brains to mentally record and store reference information. Our brains use our basic survival instincts or mechanism to understand whether the person is a friend or threat making decisions very quickly, therefore the way we interact in the first few seconds of a meeting “making an impression” is a crucial activity. (Goman, 2011)

Advantages of a first impression can be:

· Relationship Building: In my previous experiences a positive first impression can lead to creating a good social cohesion or a relationship between parties that are interacting. (Dobrin, 2013) I tend to meet a lot of IT vendors in my role and if I meet one that is late, rude or arrogant when they arrive then I find that the relationship tends not to be created in a positive manner or a bond is not created between us that keeps the relationships being built after the first meeting.

· The ability to understand if someone is trustworthy: If the person or persons in a meeting come across with good characteristics such as competent, skilled, have the correct knowledge or answers, and are confident but are not arrogant then what I’ve seen can support a good first impression that builds trust and can continue the relationship. (Schaller, 2008)

Whilst the benefits of creating a good first impression creates a positive lasting memory the negatives of first impressions can also create a lasting memory that can affect the way people interact.

The consequences of a first impression can be:

· Stereotyping or interference: Based on social experiences of cultural aspects, colour of the skin, classes or caste, religious behaviour. These impressions can all create immediate implications and create a barrier or block toward allowing other impressions or interactions to be accepted our brains. (Russell, n.d.)

· What is called the “Halo Effect”: Interpreting false impressions can be disrupted and can allow people to trick you into thinking that they are something they are not, namely they act their first impressions via their background, wearing clothing or make up, the way they act. This can be evident when dealing with an IT vendor again depending how professional and polished they personally act might be deceptive, this might in turn create a sense of trust in the person that the vendor might not be able to live up to. (Dobrin, 2013)

· A first impression can be wrong. Your brain can record information that is incorrect and when it sees new information, your old information is trusted and thus people’s first impressions can be effected by previous bad decisions or lack of context. (Gorr, 2011)

In an Information Technology world, we seem to forget we have clients or people that use the technology we provide. This could be as simple as the person next to you all another person in the world or environment you work in. IT gets a bad rap a lot of the time because we forget about every time we contact someone else we don’t remember to think about First Impressions, for example if the service desk person isn’t really as friendly as they should be or the service delivery ticket is open to long and there is no follow up. First Impressions still linger in people’s minds just like they would when you meet people, thus IT can be stereotyped, thought as the hero takers, and as some times the lazy bunch that don’t deliver on the expectations. If we thought about first impressions then some of this would and can be changed.


In experience first impressions do count because they trigger emotions, however you need to understand the context of the impression, preparing for the meeting or interaction can help filter the wrong impressions and make sure that you don’t get the information record that might constrain interactions going forward. Social factors can have a significant impact of outcomes or interfacing for the first time. Sometimes it might be good to take a constructive second judgement before moving ahead with an interaction. Preparing for the meeting and creating / giving an impression is just as important and receiving one.

Don’t forget even telling someone bad news in the right way can get you support or help and a lasting impression. Don’t forget to smile…


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#trustyourteam things can happen when people are empowered and trusted.

Simple thought about management and leadership.

In to a new day we can make a difference, Geronimo.

– “I was warmed by the sun, rocked by the winds and sheltered by the trees….. I was living peaceably when people began to speak bad of me. Now I can eat well, sleep well and be glad. I can go everywhere with a good feeling.”

Listening to loud music can also work in the mornings. Feeling down as a leader things can’t change. Figure it out sometimes your stuck between a rock and a hard place live true to your values and you can, will make a difference possibly in a small way.

Figure out how each and everyday you can help support the team and the people around you. Trust the people that make you what you are and believe in your ethics and values.

Change absolutely isn’t easy the stress can be profound but the world is changed by people or actions everyday.

#trustyourteam things can happen when people are empowered and trusted.

Microsoft Brings Cloud and On-Premise Infrastructure to Data Center

Microsoft Azure 300x150 Microsoft Brings Cloud and On Premise Infrastructure to Data CenterOn the occasion of its Ignite conference, Microsoft announced Azure Stack to allow companies to use Azure in their data centers. The company also presented an overview of Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016.

Azure Stack will allow companies to run IaaS and PaaS services internally. With its IT management products, Microsoft encourages some more companies to move their operations to the cloud. The software suite combines Microsoft Azure Stack infrastructure services and Azure platform so that companies can use these services to their internal operations.

In addition, the Microsoft Operations Management Suite helps manage workloads between different cloud services like Azure, Amazon Web Services, Windows Server, Linux, VMware, and OpenStack. Azure Stack will allow to use in the enterprise data center, consistent with the public Azure cloud.

Azure Stack notably incorporates the concept of Software-defined Network (SDN) and Software-defined Storage (SDS) to automate better the operation of applications and resources within the internal server farms. It includes a console to control and monitor workloads.

Azure Stack can be used to manage Microsoft virtualized software instances such as SQL Server, SharePoint, and Exchange, using the Azure Resource Manager software. It offers a number of security technologies to isolate workloads from one another, but load management can always be done from a central console.

Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) enables centralized management of workloads between systems. The suite can also be used to manage virtual machines or Docker type of containers that can be easily moved between different cloud services, internal or public. OMS manages the log analysis and searchable on millions of log files to identify and solve some malfunctions.

Moreover, Microsoft Operations Management Suite can support updates for Microsoft software system and collect information on safety related events. The suite also has a function of disaster recovery and can move resources to another data center in case of emergency at the regional level.

At its Build developer conference, Microsoft also unveiled Azure Data Lake, which allows to have a high capacity storage solution, adapted to the world of big data analytics. To facilitate the work of developers, this solution is compatible with HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and will be running directly from Hadoop distributions and applications. Data Lake is expected to swallow all data without limits, before returning them to the big data analytical applications.

Microsoft has also improved its IT management portal being developed for Azure, which aims to calm the nerves of IT professionals who care about the passage of the on-premises applications to the cloud provider. The release improves how IT personnel records its Azure services and the way they interact with the tool.

As companies move more and larger systems to the cloud, advanced management features become more important for IT professionals to monitor and control, to some extent, applications, services, computer, and data stored. Gradually, service providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft are adding new features to make IT management capabilities they offer their customers more efficient and broader in scope.

Microsoft is taking advantage of a remarkable gap left by Google and Amazon, the company’s largest rivals in the cloud computing category as both neither have large-scale projects for data centers of large companies.3OQi38H0He0

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Citrix Convoi Application – virtual business line on your iPhone


Create a virtual business line on your iPhone in minutes and receive business calls and texts on your personal device wherever you go.

Citrix Convoi Features

30 Second Signup. No Hardware Required

Choose a Local Area Code Phone Number in US/Canada

Make & Receive Calls

Send & Receive Texts


Customizable Voicemail

Voicemail Transcription

Simple inbox & Call History

Conference Calling

Group Text (Up to 5 Groups)

Make your existing iPhone double as your dedicated business phone in seconds. Pick any area code. Make and receive calls and texts to anyone in US/Canada without exposing your personal number. Your Convoi number is what people see on Caller ID. When you need downtime, turn on Do No Disturb sending business calls directly to voicemail while your personal calls still ring through.

* Make your business look and sound a lot bigger. More professional.

* Keep your personal life separate from your work life.

* Conduct your business from anywhere.

* Better than carrying two cell phones or having a desk phone (no one uses those anymore).


– NEW! See and hear a different ringtone when calls are coming into your Convoi number. (#1 User Requested Feature!)

– NEW! Contacts has been improved for more an experience iPhone users are used to.

– 30-second setup.

– Choose a number in any city in the US/Canada.

– Inbound and outbound calling and texting.

– Custom voicemail greeting.

– Visual voicemail and voicemail transcription.

– Simple and free conference calls. No need for an additional service anymore!

– Group messaging for up to 5 groups.

– Do Not Disturb facilitates work/life balance when you need it.

– Calls work over your phone’s cell connection or WiFi/LTE so you always have service. Your choice.

– Overseas? Call and text the US/Canada over WiFi with no international roaming charges.

– Free. No contract. No credit card required.

US, Canada Only. Phone number is REQUIRED for registration.

Start using your new number on your website, business cards, giving it to your prospects and customers. Got employees? Have them get a Convoi 2nd line too. All for no cost.

Cisco Strengthens Ties With Microsoft For Accelerating Cloud Adoption

cisco logo 300x189 Cisco Strengthens Ties With Microsoft For Accelerating Cloud AdoptionCisco announced an extension of its partnership with Microsoft in the cloud and datacenters with the integration of a new technology platform. The partnership aim to offer a new joint technological platform designed to accelerate and facilitate service delivery providers in Cisco’s Intercloud membership, the global network of interconnected cloud environments.

Cisco Cloud Architecture for the Microsoft Cloud Platform has been designed by Cisco for the Internet of Things and facilitates the delivery of value-added applications with real-time analytics, almost limitless scalability and full compliance with local regulations. By building the largest network of interconnected cloud environments, Cisco aims to create a hybrid cloud services market more complete and easier when providing and consuming services.

The cloud services require high compatibility between hardware, software, network, storage and computing. To do this, the idea of Cisco and Microsoft is combining Cisco Cloud Cloud Platform architecture with Microsoft, with the aim of providing an integrated solution that helps cloud providers to simplify their task, making the distribution solutions easier.

The new Cisco and Microsoft platform provide the foundation for Cloud providers to evolve beyond the traditional supply of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and create combined solutions that include IaaS offerings, Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as Service (SaaS). For this both the company have integrated Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI) and Windows Azure Pack, in order to allow suppliers to offer users new solutions, from network services and disaster recovery services to enterprise applications and big data.

This set design management libraries provide preconfigured policies that help providers deploy cloud applications with a consistent management policies much faster. The new solution will complement Cisco architectures based on OpenStack cloud work for loads of native and hybrid cloud functionality.

To date, 14 new cloud providers have joined the Cisco partner ecosystem Intercloud -the global network of interconnected clouds are building Cisco and its partners. Thus, Intercloud adds more than 60 cloud providers with more than 350 data centers located in 50 countries.

The agreement between the two giants represents a sort of extension of previous partership and in particular the compact signed in 2014, for the realization of integrated solutions with the aim of modernizing the concept of the data center, increasing the performance of machines and the speed of availability in the market.

The new move by Cisco fits in the expansion strategy initiated with the InterCloud plan, launched last year: a software infrastructure that supports hybrid clouds, enabling enterprises to combine and manage workloads across private and public clouds.

The partnership attempts to help small providers to compete with giants like Amazon and Google. Cisco also reposition itself in the world of virtualization, with the goal of creating a sort of community of minor player that takes advantage of the Cisco product and enables customers to float data between a cloud and other services.

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