About – Charles Aunger

Chief Technology Officer and Advisor


Chief Technology Officer – Technology Transformation, Security, Software, Cloud, Change Expert, Charles Aunger is a proven cloud and enterprise technology innovator as well as a recognized pioneer in the digital transformation of healthcare IT. An international thought leader and industry visionary, he is a highly sought-after speaker at global healthcare industry events on topics that range from operational innovation and data liquidity to digital transformation strategy, AI and big data, and best practices in aligning business, technical, and operational needs at scale.

This pivotal role leverages his 15-year track record as a solutions expert responsible for the selection, implementation, and life cycle support of clinical, financial, and regulatory applications at scale. As executive director at Stanford Health Care, Charles led the innovation team that supported over 15,000 employees and enabled pivotal partnerships with leading organizations such as HPE, Intel, Apple and Microsoft. As senior vice president at Cleveland Clinical Abu Dhabi, he directed the strategic planning and tactical execution efforts of a 175-person IT team, charged with balancing costs, solutions and business model requirements for a £3 billion technical solution in a 300,000+ user project.

A noted IT strategist, Charles previously served in executive IT roles Up to CTO at major technology-driven organizations around the globe including Mubadala, Accenture, Citrix, NHS, Numonyx, and Bupa.

He also freely shares his expertise and provides executive guidance to technology start-ups; at present, is also an advisor to Health2047, a board member, industry advisor, mentor, Fellow at the British Computer Society (BCS) and a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/charlesaunger
Twitter:   http://twitter.com/charlesaunger
Website:  http://charlesaunger.com 

One thought on “About – Charles Aunger

  1. I would like to connect with you to evangelize an eHealth solution. It’s called CloudClinik. Please tell what is the best way to reach out to you. Thanks!

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