Citrix Convoi Application – virtual business line on your iPhone


Create a virtual business line on your iPhone in minutes and receive business calls and texts on your personal device wherever you go.

Citrix Convoi Features

30 Second Signup. No Hardware Required

Choose a Local Area Code Phone Number in US/Canada

Make & Receive Calls

Send & Receive Texts


Customizable Voicemail

Voicemail Transcription

Simple inbox & Call History

Conference Calling

Group Text (Up to 5 Groups)

Make your existing iPhone double as your dedicated business phone in seconds. Pick any area code. Make and receive calls and texts to anyone in US/Canada without exposing your personal number. Your Convoi number is what people see on Caller ID. When you need downtime, turn on Do No Disturb sending business calls directly to voicemail while your personal calls still ring through.

* Make your business look and sound a lot bigger. More professional.

* Keep your personal life separate from your work life.

* Conduct your business from anywhere.

* Better than carrying two cell phones or having a desk phone (no one uses those anymore).


– NEW! See and hear a different ringtone when calls are coming into your Convoi number. (#1 User Requested Feature!)

– NEW! Contacts has been improved for more an experience iPhone users are used to.

– 30-second setup.

– Choose a number in any city in the US/Canada.

– Inbound and outbound calling and texting.

– Custom voicemail greeting.

– Visual voicemail and voicemail transcription.

– Simple and free conference calls. No need for an additional service anymore!

– Group messaging for up to 5 groups.

– Do Not Disturb facilitates work/life balance when you need it.

– Calls work over your phone’s cell connection or WiFi/LTE so you always have service. Your choice.

– Overseas? Call and text the US/Canada over WiFi with no international roaming charges.

– Free. No contract. No credit card required.

US, Canada Only. Phone number is REQUIRED for registration.

Start using your new number on your website, business cards, giving it to your prospects and customers. Got employees? Have them get a Convoi 2nd line too. All for no cost.


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