Share some thoughts for the day.

Wanted to share a few thoughts and video for the day.

Firstly: I would like to share this leadership lessons video

“We all make the difference it’s not just about having a good boss is the first person leading”. Team and the support matters, Hope it hits a mark.

First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

Second: Choosing to be bothered about the way we think about the IT Industry and cloud Technology

Just thinking about the possibility of deploying or using, technology, software defined data center or cloud solutions is no longer an option.

Embracing, implementing and using the software defined technologies or cloud for solutions from the simple aspects such as email service to more complex ERP or CRM platforms, software defined network or storage and beyond saves time, effort, money and delivers better quality deliverable, security and service levels that cannot not hoped to delivered by the average small medium standalone IT organisations with the same levels of investment that have been observed

Take thought that we spend a lot of time think about problems that are not that bigger a deal or problem compared to other things that make a great difference to humanity and society

Great video that sums this up well SolveForX moonshot thinking.

All the very best for the festive season


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