Oracle Beefs Up Its Cloud Executive Ranks–Poaches SAP Alum

A few months ago the SAP world was rocked by a series of high-profile departures – Vishal Sikka, the executive formerly in charge of the company’s HANA product line and Shawn Price, the head of the SAP cloud unit, were both sudden departures.

Sikka didn’t take long to find a new home, landing as CEO of Infosys soon after, but all has been quiet from Price’s corner.

Clarity on that count today with the news that Price has taken a role at Oraclewhere he will be the Senior VP for product strategy and marketing reporting directly to CEO Mark Hurd (yes, that CEO, not Safra Catz the other CEO, orLarry Ellison, past CEO, current CTO and, by all accounts, the real boss at Oracle).

Oracle has also hired Peter Magnusson, previously with Google and Snapchat. Magnusson will reportedly run development on its PaaS and IaaS products.

Oracle seems to be (finally) taking this cloud thing seriously and Ellison’s historic and legendary rant against the cloud is seemingly dead and buried. It seems only appropriate then to give it one more airing before it gets replaced by Ellison’s mantra that Oracle invented the cloud.

Interestingly Esteban Kolsky, a well-respected industry analyst, wrote a detailed post after the recent Oracle cloud announcements detailing just whyOracle’s strategy “sucks”. It’s a good read in its entirety but the high level issues Kolsky raises are:

Misdirection and fear mongering
Lock in
Anti innovation

Time will tell on those counts but something tells me that Ellison and co aren’t going anywhere soon


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