Meet, the ambitious ‘cloud’ startup that plans to destroy sync

While works for individuals, the startup is courting the enterprise market. But at least one bigger player is skeptical of’s chances to strike major deals.

“This may be great for personal use or for the 5 to 25 seat type companies, but would never make its way into an enterprise-type deployment,” Vineet Jain, CEO of cloud storage company Egnyte, told VentureBeat. “I say ‘never’ loosely, but it is highly unlikely.

“I see this as somewhat of an Apple product-type answer to the more complex [network-attached storage] devices that already exist on the market right now,” said Jain. is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the “Sherlybox,” a network-attached storage device that works with’s software. But the software also works for Mac and PC, with Linux support coming in a few weeks, and mobile support after that. Marciniak emphasized that the Sherlybox is a cool product, but the company’s primary focus is its software, which it’s currently beta-testing with around 2,000 users. The company expects to make the software generally available this fall.

“My goal is to introduce better and faster way to handle data,” said Marciniak. “I believe it is within our reach.”, which raised $550,000 from a seed-stage investment firm in Poland, will soon discover if that vision appeals to Silicon Valley’s financiers. Marciniak is currently traveling around the Valley seeking American backers.


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