Why not wake up every day, forget yesterday and think about how I can make a difference for customers today and in the future. I have a strong passion and belief that each one of us is looking for a life experience every day. In an Information Technology (IT) driven world the focus of the experience relates to a physical technology, usage interaction and support personality experience, this is what can build confidence, enjoyment, relationships, support change and fuels the ability to deliver amazing results.

With this in mind, I believe that everyone is a consumer be it a college, other business user, a vendor, or everyone that we interact with. The way we think about and use IT and innovation, be it in business or personally, can be an amazing enabler as long as the vision, strategy, and technology are correctly executed. Delivering the right technology and innovation are the only methods that can truly support change or radically impact a company’s P&L, as well as improve our lives. I often say, to my team to think like the Chinese saying “From Crisis/ Issue becomes an opportunity”. Therefore we should stop highlighting the crisis and figure out why there is a crisis or issue existing and the work on solving this using the best basic principles of how do we deliver for the customer / user the right service in the best possible time with the best quality, keeping it simple and supportable.

The opportunity is that change is a given, we can’t stop change. Actually every day we enable change so instead of fighting change we need to embrace and work in an adaptive, agile manner to make change easier.

Question: Isn’t there something in life that we should have a passion about. I would ask myself why we aren’t all aligned on WHY’s not HOW’s and WHAT’s, why are we doing what we are doing and how do we make IT happen?

“IT isn’t easy but IT can be rewarding in lots of ways”`and the “Hope to make IT, better, simplier, faster and cheaper”



  1. Charles,
    Well said Charles. I agree with the premise of your thoughts. Where we find challenge is the environment you work that supports the “PASSIONATE AND MOTIVATED” mind to contribute. This might be the case in companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google etc but in other industries where IT is not at center we might be lacking the thought leadership to support this kind of motivation to enable the passion.
    You mentioned – Why not wake up every day, forget yesterday. This is the challenge. The yesterday sets us up for the better tomorrow. You said – vision, strategy, and technology are correctly executed. The vision for me is the yesterday. In most places I have see that is not defined correctly. This is where we see that the passionate and motivated are put down and the fire in them extinguished.
    It is good to know that one man is motivated. But for bigger things to happen we need a team around that one man to bring in the difference. Maybe this is the difference with some successful companies as opposed to others.
    Keep up the light burning. Eventually that light will draw like minded contributors.

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