3 x Free VMware Product Walkthrough Resources:

Below are a few different free resources that folks could use to dig deeper into some of the content discussed in VMware presentations, events and the VMware.com website.

  1. VMware Mobile Knowledge Portal (VMKP) app – includes conceptual videos, how-to videos, and walk-throughs of products. In Google Play and Apple App Store. You can get to it from the links on the DC VMUG site (http://dcvmug.com/#frontVMKP )

  1. VMware Product Walkthroughs site – http://vmwarewalkthroughs.com contains a lot of content that walk you through basic procedures in nearly all VMware products

  2. Hands on Labs: The same labs available at VMworld are open all year long at http://hol.vmware.com

    HOL stats for 2013 include: 39 unique lab topics with a combined 207 lab modules.
    There were 113,000 labs delivered in the 2013 season amounting to 4.3 million minutes of lab time.


Thanks for Josh Townsend (VMware for the free advice)


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