Thoughts on IT: Technology effects Healthcare today and will more in the future

Technology is transforming lives like we have never seen before.

Have a look at my personal view on possible technologies that I believe we might see in Healthcare IT that could change the way IT and Healthcare operate in the future.

High level overview:

  • Thinking differently can solve problems. Making the difference and thinking “You can and it is possible” can have a profound effect.
  • Automation of IT systems and technology to make things Better, Simpler, Faster and Cheaper in giving better medical outcomes
  • Transformation is critical : “a basic change of character and little or no resemblance with the past configuration or structure”
  • A vision that was suggested in 2007 but is Healthcare IT just like Enterprise IT that is stuck on History and not the future.
  • There are technology and solutions available to make things possible for significant change and enablement today
  • The changing world of technology can have a positive significant effect
  • Future technologies we are going to see in the coming years
  • Mobility and smaller devices are changing the way technology is developed and delivered
  • New forms of interaction will make technology more usable

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