IBM Redbook: Implementing Citrix XenDesktop on IBM Flex System

IBM have released one of their Redbooks titled: “Implementing Citrix XenDesktop on IBM
Flex System”.

The Redbook contains 432 pages covers IBM’s SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure, a solution
of running the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) product from Citrix using the VMware
vSphere virtualization platform running on top of IBM Flex Systems. The document provides
an overview of the solution, including planning and deployment considerations including
step-by-step instructions on how to build the solution.

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The IBM® SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure offers robust, cost-effective, and manageable virtual desktop solutions for a wide range of clients,
user types, and industry segments. These solutions help to increase business flexibility and staff productivity, reduce IT complexity, and simplify
security and compliance. Based on a reference architecture approach, this infrastructure supports various hardware, software, and hypervisor

The SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure solution with Citrix XenDesktop running on IBM Flex System™ offers tailored solutions for every business,
from the affordable all-in-one Citrix VDI-in-a-Box for simple IT organizations to the enterprise-wide Citrix XenDesktop. XenDesktop is a comprehensive
desktop virtualization solution with multiple delivery models that is optimized for flexibility and cost-efficiency.

This IBM Redbooks® publication provides an overview of the SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure solution, which is based on Citrix XenDesktop
running on IBM Flex System. It highlights key components, architecture, and benefits of this solution. It also provides planning and deployment
considerations, and step-by-step instructions about how to perform specific tasks.

This book is intended for IT professionals who are involved in the planning, design, deployment, and management of the IBM SmartCloud® Desktop
Infrastructure built on IBM Flex System running Citrix XenDesktop.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure overview
Chapter 2. IBM Flex System components for the virtual desktop infrastructure
Chapter 3. VMware vSphere design considerations
Chapter 4. Citrix XenDesktop design basics
Chapter 5. IBM Flex System and Citrix XenDesktop lab environment
Chapter 6. Deploying IBM Flex System
Chapter 7. Deploying Citrix XenDesktop
Chapter 8. Operating Citrix XenDesktop


Microsoft Reference Posters for Private Cloud Virtualization and Storage Poster and Mini-Posters


Microsoft Reference Posters for Private Cloud Virtualization and Storage Poster and Mini-Posters


These posters provide a visual reference for understanding key private cloud storage and virtualization technologies in Windows Server 2012 R2.
They focus on understanding storage architecture, virtual hard disks, cluster shared volumes, scale-out file servers, storage spaces, data deduplication,
Hyper-V, Failover Clustering, and virtual hard disk sharing.

Note: There are multiple files available for this download. When you click Download, you will be prompted to select the files you want.

The posters include:

Windows Server 2012 R2 Private Cloud Virtualization and Storage Poster (whole poster)


Virtual Hard Disk and Cluster Shared Volumes Mini Poster

Virtual Hard Disk Sharing Mini Poster

Understanding Storage Architecture Mini Poster

Storage Spaces and Deduplication Mini Poster

Scale-Out and SMB Mini Poster

Hyper-V and Failover Clustering Mini Poster

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Thoughts on IT: Technology effects Healthcare today and will more in the future

Technology is transforming lives like we have never seen before.

Have a look at my personal view on possible technologies that I believe we might see in Healthcare IT that could change the way IT and Healthcare operate in the future.

High level overview:

  • Thinking differently can solve problems. Making the difference and thinking “You can and it is possible” can have a profound effect.
  • Automation of IT systems and technology to make things Better, Simpler, Faster and Cheaper in giving better medical outcomes
  • Transformation is critical : “a basic change of character and little or no resemblance with the past configuration or structure”
  • A vision that was suggested in 2007 but is Healthcare IT just like Enterprise IT that is stuck on History and not the future.
  • There are technology and solutions available to make things possible for significant change and enablement today
  • The changing world of technology can have a positive significant effect
  • Future technologies we are going to see in the coming years
  • Mobility and smaller devices are changing the way technology is developed and delivered
  • New forms of interaction will make technology more usable

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