Closing out 2013 and looking forward at Technology 2014 and beyond

It’s time to close out 2013 time and step into 2014. It’s been an interesting year and as always the years seem to fly past faster and faster.

Outlook of Technology 2014 and forward in the Technology Sector

  • New motto / quote that end users and clients are looking for from service providers: “Quick, Better Faster and Quality”

    Sounds simple but it’s how companies achieve this that will set the companies apart from each other.
  • Cloud will continue gathering speed and will see the consolidation or mergers of companies coming up as well as possible new
    players in the cloud market that we wouldn’t have thought of previous. These maybe coming from the utility space or the previous
    industrial space such as a GE, EMERSON, or even possibly SAMSUNG
  • Bigger shift toward converged infrastructure to be used for private / hybrid cloud allowing companies to cut down on design
    and integration / build efforts.
  • Secuirty Operation Centers (SOC) will start to move more towards Security as a Service model and again possibly offered by
    companies you might not have thought as IT players previously.
  • Pure datacentre providers will see the market move from a seller to a buyers’ market toward end of 2014 beginning 2015
  • The plug and play Data center modules of varying sizes as content distribution points
  • More advanced cloud solutions and services merging offerings on Public, Hybrid, Private and Personal Mobile Clouds
  • Service Level Agreements will have to change as end users don’t understand them in details and companies find it so difficult to design
    and achieve them so they will have to change toward 99% or 0% models. Either the service is working or not and if not the service
    provider will be held accountable.
  • Internet of Things – Connecting physical things to the internet makes possible to access remote sensor data and to control the physical
    world from a distance. Sensors and smart devices will be making our lives easier and allow for optimization of large complex systems
    such as transportation grids, utilities, healthcare and others. New synergistic services will be developed that go beyond the possibilities
    of the current isolated embedded system.

Pure Technology wise

  • FCoE fiber channel over Ethernet and iScsi become the 2 main forces in disk access fabrics no more direct FC networks
  • Storage Arrays will start to change more towards Hybrid and Flash based solutions for Extreme Performance solutions
  • Energy efficiency methods and technology in Data center space will gather pace with the large companies such as Amazon, Google
    Rackspace, Microsoft, Facebook leading the space but other providers copying using the technology that is being developed
  • Virtualisation will start to make significant moves into the Networking and Security layers
  • Real-time Security isolation models in allowing air gapping or application isolation on clients, servers and networks will start to be seen
    more in the main stream.
  • Security will move in to more security deception and proactive analytics liking systems and integrating into the technology stacks
  • Unified Collaboration and Communications services such as UC as a Service will start to replace on premise UC platforms
  • Enterprises will embrace the fact that Tablets, and mobile devices are here and are staying and a shift to anytime anywhere computing
    as a global comp
  • 3D Printing – 3D Printing will transform product information, non-food, retail and create an explosion of personalization. In short, consumers
    take over! 3D printing fosters agility which is a key factor for the years to come
  • Augmented Reality –Overlaying the physical world with a digital layer is changing the interaction between people, objects and information.


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