Stunning news the technology industry losses a pioneer – Ed Iacobucci (59) co-founder of Citrix dies of cancer

BOCA RATON, FL – June 21, 2013 – VirtualWorks Group cofounder and Chairman Edward E. Iacobucci passed away at his home this morning after a 16month battle
with pancreatic cancer. Iacobucci was a renowned technology pioneer and entrepreneur who co
founded Citrix.

Recipient of the 1998 Ernst & Young International Entrepreneur Award, Iacobucci was quoted assaying, “Every human being has his own vision of what’s happening
in the future. I was lucky in that what I thought would happen did happen. When we know we can do it and the rest of the world doesn’t – that’s when things get interesting.”

“Ed’s clear vision of the technological future is becoming more of a reality every day,” stated Erik Baklid,

VirtualWorks President and CEO. “His courage and entrepreneurial spirit were matched by his inclusive leadership style, warm heart and good humour.
Ed will be deeply missed by the many employees, customers, partners and friends whose lives he touched.”

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of Ed Iacobucci and we send our sincerest sympathies, thoughts and prayers to his family,” said Mark Templeton, President
and CEO of Citrix Systems. “Ed’s spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity, passion and persistence will always remain at the core of Citrix. We are proud to carry his wondrous
torch forward.”

Iacobucci was born on September 26, 1953 in Buenos Aires, Argentina to Dr Guillermo and Costantina Iacobucci. He is survived by his wife, Nancy Lee (Iacobucci); his
three children, Marianna (Eden), William (Iacobucci), and Michelle (Iacobucci); mother, Costantina (Iacobucci); brother, Billy (Iacobucci); and three grandchildren, Sophia,
Haven and Estelle.

For extensive background on Iacobucci’s 30yeartechnology career, please visit:



Charles Aunger:

“All I can say is what an amazing gentleman, had the chance to speak with and work with in the early days of Citrix, stunning insight, visions, spirit and passion” Ed Iacobucci helped change and bring about an industry call Windows thin clients, VDI, Terminal Services, Cloud whole industry sectors that wouldn’t be here without this amazing person.”


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